November To Do List

November To Do List


Read Before Thanksgiving Pie


Jorie loves apple. Eric loves pumpkin. Here’s some food for thought:

Max out your 401k Contribution for 2019: Under 50? you can contribute up to $19,000 in 2019.  Over 50? you can contribute up to $25,000.  Check your last paystub to see how much you have contributed so far in 2019.

Set a Holiday Budget: Break the buy-now, worry-later habit by creating – and sticking to – a holiday spending budget. It won’t take long, and you’ll still be able to spread cheer without completely draining your wallet.

Income Tax Projection? Unusual income or expenses this year? Surprised by your April tax bill? Now’s the time for a 2019 income tax projection so you can take steps to avoid any surprises and minimize taxes or penalties owed.

Low Income Year? Look into converting some of your Traditional IRA balance to a Roth IRA and take advantage of a lower income tax bracket.

Got a Mortgage or a Student Loan? Interest rates have dropped.  Check out if refinancing makes sense for you.

Credit Card Balances? We love those miles but pay off your credit card balance every month or that $50 sweater you got on sale will end up costing you $80 with interest charges!

Free ID Theft Protection: Protect yourself from ID Theft! Log on and check your Trans Union credit report annually.  Look for and correct any discrepancies.

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