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Financial Planning & Investment Management

It is hard to achieve any goal without a plan. First, we construct a financial plan that identifies your goals and an action item list to be implemented to achieve those goals. Second, we help you execute the action item list. Your list may include rebalancing your investments, evaluating a new insurance policy or establishing a retirement savings plan. Every client has a personalized action item list and we offer to update your plan and action item list annually to make any adjustments and ensure you are on track to achieving your goals.


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What is your Financial Risk Tolerance?

We invite you to take our brief investment risk analysis survey to help us identify your loss tolerance by determining your level of comfort with market volatility or the degree that you are willing to experience short-term losses for potential long-term gains.

Based on the results of your financial risk profile, we would be happy to discuss the suitability of your current investment portfolio and make any necessary recommendations to an asset allocation structure best suited for you.

Our Process

We begin with a complimentary introductory meeting to discuss your goals and concerns and Financial Futures’ philosophy and approach to financial planning and investment management.

Once you decide to engage Financial Futures, the data gathering phase begins. We discuss and gather specific information pertaining to your current financial situation and your financial goals.

A written personal financial plan is completed and presented to you along with a list of action items needed to be completed to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Futures works with you to implement your financial plan. This step may include setting a spending and savings budget, allocating investment choices and purchasing insurance products.

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