Protect your online social profiles from Hackers.

Protect your online social profiles from Hackers.

Turning on Two Factor Authentication (aka MFA) will help protect your social profile from hackers.

Have you ever received that desperate email or message from a friend to NOT click on their profile/message/email, etc?

The best way for you not to become a victim of these online predators is to turn on two factor or multi factor authentication on all social media websites.

Here’s how:

  • FACEBOOK: Upper right corner (down arrow) > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Two-factor Authentication > Use two-factor authentication
  • INSTAGRAM: Upper right corner (your picture) > Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-factor Authentication
  • TWITTER: Left side > More > Settings and Privacy > Security and account access > Security > Two-factor authentication
  • LINKEDIN: Upper right corner (your picture) > Settings and Privacy > Sign in & Security > Two-step verification
  • EMAIL & OTHER ONLINE PROFILES: Whenever possible, you should have two-factor authentication enabled. This is extremely important in protecting yourself from online predators.
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